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Independence is within reach


Our Vision

The vision of Delaware Valley Residential Care is to provide the highest quality of brain injury rehabilitation services and do it in such a manner to allows residents to want to be involved in their individualized plan for recovery. By doing so they can look forward to achieving their daily, weekly, and ongoing goals. Our focus is on residents first and recognizing that they are the reason we operate. We can then champion the rehabilitation process and services provided. DVRC can further our mission by providing a unique Home and Community-Based setting with an organized structured day program. This will permit the residents the freedom to be part of a larger and greater community while providing the resources to live and grow.


“Delaware Valley Residential Care is committed to resident, family, stakeholder, and employee satisfaction. Satisfaction surveys are distributed on an annual basis. Data we obtain from satisfaction surveys assists with assessing our overall program’s strengths and weaknesses. The feedback that is received from these surveys helps to improve the overall quality of services that DVRC is able to provide. To complete a survey, please click HERE. For current resident satisfaction data see below the statistics”.

“Thanks for giving Chris his life back.”

“Let me commend DVRC’s COVID-19 response!”

“Thanks to DVRC for keeping everyone safe.”

“I would like to say thanks and express my gratitude to EVERYONE at DVRC.”

“Thank you once again for helping out my Michele in a positive manner!”   

“Thank you so much for caring.”

Strategic Plan

  • DVRC reviews it’s Strategic Plan annually at a minimum.
  • Upon review, it includes its SWOT analysis, analyzes its key to success, includes measurable goals, and outlines its business or organizational expectations.

Measurable Goals

Delaware Valley Residential Care is committed to enhancing the quality of service and operational efficiency through a series of focused and interconnected goals:

  • Safety and Health: Aim to reduce the number of critical incidents and resident wounds on a quarterly basis, demonstrating a proactive approach to health and safety management.
  • Satisfaction Monitoring: Systematically track and analyze resident satisfaction annually, and improve satisfaction levels for residents, stakeholders, and personnel through thorough review and response to all complaint forms.
  • Employee Development and Retention: Increase employee satisfaction and retention by offering consistent, high-quality training for all staff members at hire and thereafter. Ensure that all therapists obtain their CBIS certification after 500 hours or 6 months of service to continue to maintain high standards of service.
  • Program Effectiveness: Continuously evaluate and enhance the effectiveness of service and program delivery to improve the quality of outcomes and ensure fiscal stability.
  • Accessibility: Focus on improving access to services and programs to meet the evolving needs of our residents, thus strengthening the organization’s overall business functions.

These goals are designed to create a cohesive strategy that addresses critical aspects of resident service, staff development, and operational stability, ensuring that Delaware Valley Residential Care remains a leader in providing exceptional service to its residents, staff, and stakeholders. Please see a few performance data points from recent years below.


“DVRC is a wonderful place for people with Traumatic Brain Injury and other disabilities. My patient receives wonderful care at DVRC. When I met this resident, it was very difficult to have a conversation with him because of his speech. The group and therapy given to him at DVRC has improved his speech and helped him to be more outgoing and not isolated from people. I cannot say enough about what a great place this is to live and get the services one with a disability needs. DVRC is a program I highly recommend for your loved one.– Linda Saunders

“My brother, David, has a brain injury due to a car accident and lived with my mother until her death. He was kept sheltered for 30 years. When she passed, I knew I needed to find a place that would bring David out into the world and take care of his health and emotional needs. DVRC truly cares for their residents, you can see it in the way they interact with them, the compassion that have, and the way they make everything fun. David likes to go out now! They have many outings from Eagles games, car shows, movies, buffets, parks, picnics, fishing… I would recommend DVRC to anyone who wants their loved ones to be safe and well taken care of. DVRC has made David’s life so much better and fun while all his needs are taken care of.” – Susan West

“Our sister has been a resident at DVRC for approximately ten years. We are satisfied with the quality of care and services the staff gives her. The nursing staff has always communicated with us regarding her health condition. The staff assists with her daily needs, ensures that she is taken care of, and helps her maintain as much independence as possible. DVRC is a good choice for anyone needing reliable care and support for Traumatic Brain Injured individuals. We are confident that anyone who becomes a resident here will be treated with respect and kindness and have access to quality medical and supportive care.” – Terri Diehl

“I have had a wonderful blessing of this location being a place for my son, who was involved in a major hit-and-run accident. I was very happy with the process, facility, nursing care, care in general, and the overall staff. DVRC has been patient, understanding, supportive, and very helpful with the process of getting Darren accepted into the facility. The activities and classes geared towards his memory loss he says are enjoyable. His apartment and surroundings are always cleaned, stocked, and well cared for. Overall, I highly recommend this facility.” – Karen Trawick

“My sister, Eileen, has been a resident at DVRC for three years. Eileen came to DVRC with many medical issues due to a fall which left her with a Traumatic Brain Injury. She had some cognitive impairment and mobility issues. In addition, she was homeless and unable to care for herself. Once coming to DVRC her life changed dramatically. Within months of her arrival, she progressed from a walker to the use of a cane, eventually no longer needing the cane. Eileen’s quality of life changed dramatically for the better on her arrival at DVRC. I am grateful to the staff at DVRC for being there for my sister.” – Micheal Kloton

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